The Big Al was established in 1997 by Rick Rollo, in honor of his father Al, who was an avid hunter. Al passed away after a battle with cancer that cut short his sporting pursuits.

What started out as a humble gathering of close family and friends to have some fun and raise a little money to help physically or terminally-ill children, adults, and veterans have outdoor fishing and hunting experiences, has grown exponentially year after year with more of Rick's friends and associates wanting to be involved.

To date, the "Big Al Charity Pheasant Hunt" has raised nearly a $300,000 to fund these experiences, and annually hosts roughly 55 hunters.

Whether it be a dream hunt or fishing trip, Big Al smiles down on the hunter as he or she pursues the sport that Al so loved!


What to Expect the Day of the Hunt


In the event you did not pre-register and pay online before the day of the event, you'll arrive at Wern Valley around 8:30AM to get registered and purchase your raffle tickets. Bring cash or card, we take it all!

We will open online registration soon, so be sure to look for Rick's invite and check back here to ensure you get your slot!


Following registration and the mandatory safety briefing, we move on the the hunt!

The Big Al is a multi-blind tower release pheasant hunt and can accommodate roughly 56 hunters organized into 2 groups. As your group goes out, you will be rotating through each blind until the entire series has been completed.

Bring lots of ammo, as we'll be releasing over 500 birds on event day! Most hunters will tell you they'll go through 3 boxes or more.

The Raffle

Each year, hundreds of brand-new quality items are generously donated for the raffle. In the past, these items have included shotguns, outdoors / sporting equipment, tools, micro brews, and outdoors clothing. The raffle is where a good chunk of the funding comes from, so come with deep pockets and a generous spirit! We do accept credit cards as well.

If you'd like to contribute by donating items, please contact us and provide details. Without people like you, this event wouldn't be nearly as successful as it has been. Thank you!